Ruby Anniversary Sun Dial


About five years ago, our very close friends reluctantly cut down the apple tree that had been taking over their garden. The tree had been a much loved feature for many years but the roots were threatening foundations so it had to go.

As many apples were salvaged and boiled into crumble filling before being frozen for future use and the tree was felled. However, unknown to them, a slice of the trunk was kept to one side to dry out for a future project.

Now, five years on, and to help celebrate their Ruby anniversary, I took the slice of apple tree and made a sun dial for the newly re-landscaped garden to return the tree to its’ former home.

The numbers are made from glass discs with the relevant number sandblasted onto the underside.

Not sure how accurate it will be or how often the sun will shine hard enough to cast a shadow but there are always modern clocks on hand for back up.

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