Owls cake stand





A personalised cake stand that could be retained and used by the happy couple for years to come will always make the event that little bit more special.

Owls have a very strong and emotional tie to this particular couple and the invitations went out with their own two ‘owl’ thumb prints sat on a branch. The ‘owl’ theme followed through the whole wedding and it only seemed fitting to reflect this in the cake stand.

Owl thumb prints

I thought the best way to reflect the theme was to make the stand a mirror that could be wall mounted afterwards and used for years to come. (The bonus being a constant reminder of the date, so the groom should never forget the anniversary).

Having sandblasted the thumb print design on the back of the mirror, to remove the reflective coating, I painted the appropriate colours before setting the mirror in the frame. The frame is formed from solid Oak and sloped backwards to give the cake a lift whilst used as a stand.

The cake continued the ‘Owl’ theme with two iced owls sat on top and a stream of pine cones down the corner. The pine cones had become an addition to the theme as the planning unfolded and the cake captured this perfectly.

Well done to Lincolnshire based Tracey for the beautiful cake that not only looked stunning, but tasted divine with its’ four individually flavoured tiers that were baked to perfection.

“When two wise owls are joined as one, a new branch for them to make,
All gather to see the rings go on, and enjoy a slice of cake.”





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