Cheese cake stand


In addition to the traditional wedding cake this happy couple also decided to have a wedding ‘cheese cake’. Not an actual cheesecake but a three tier cake of ‘cheese’.

As a nod to the groom’s home county of Lancashire, the cheese was purchased from the Dewlay cheese producers based in Garstang, Lancashire.

The tiers consisted of a large wheel of Creamy Lancashire cheese for the base which in turn supported a round of Garstang blue cheese with a smooth, Brie – like Garstang White sitting on top.

To elevate the cheese so as not to look too insignificant beside the wedding cake, I though a fourth wooden tier of ‘cheese’ would be quite effective. This base tier was formed from 32 individual solid oak segments that were assembled to form the circular cheese sides.

The top of the cheese was also made from solid Oak with the inscription carved around the central, sunken, happy couple’s initials which were made from a dark Walnut. A square base board was made with the names of the different cheeses carved into three of the corners, leaving the fourth corner free for later. The round cheese wall was then mounted on the square base before resting the Oak top in place to complete the oak cheese.

Finally, the small pine, leather – eared mouse was set just outside his mouse hole in the fourth corner with a couple of Oak cheese wedges to keep him from starving.

A false top was made to be used when the cheese was sat in place so the carved Oak top would not be obscured or damaged during the wedding display.

The cheese stand was made to be used long after the cheese cake had been enjoyed. The removable top enabled the stand to be used as a wedding keepsake box to preserve the happy couple’s memories well into their old age.

To top the cheese off, a small column of Oak was made with ‘Garstang’ and ‘Lancaster’ carved into the front and back to complete the ‘nod’ to the Groom’s home county. This was finished off with an additional Oak cheese wedge and a small mouse carved from the block of Walnut used for the couple’s initials in the lid

A further Oak mouse with pine belly was made to sit on the middle, Garstang Blue tier.

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