A very special wedding calls for a very special wedding cake.

The Wedding cake is a focal point at the reception and deserves to be presented in a grand and special manner. The modern cake is often created with a specific theme in mind to fit with the interests of the happy couple. In keeping with the wedding theme, my cake stands are designed around the wedding theme and are 100% unique to the Bride and Groom.

Whatever your interests or personalities, I would love to create a suitable stand for your wedding cake that will enhance the presentation and spectacle of such an iconic and traditional part of the wedding day celebrations.

I will endeavour to create something just for you which can be used after the day in some way such as a keepsake container or wall mounted decoration etc. The only limit is imagination and that has no limits.

Alternatively, you could take advantage of a generic cake stand which can be provided with personalised sections to give the appearance of a full bespoke cake stand. After the wedding, the personalised sections would be made into a bespoke keepsake for you to keep.